Rick McCabe

Software Developer
Bolton, England
Pure F1
KPMG Personal Debt


My name is Rick McCabe and I live near Bolton, England. I’m interested in all things tech related. I am currently working for Skyron Ltd as a Software Developer. My main area of development is back end systems and databases but I feel equally at home working on the front end using HTML, Razor and JavaScript/jQuery.



I have worked on many projects using .NET MVC for customers such as KPMG, SMG and My Proteus. I have completed projects with WebForms for 3M, QHotels and Bloomsbury Publishing and I have experience in various CMS systems such as Kentico and WordPress and e-Commerce systems such as Magento.


Experience of designing, developing, testing, implementing and maintaining database systems using MS SQL and MySQL. I can diagnose and troubleshoot applications and database-related issues. I have also worked with SQLite on mobile projects.


I have developed many desktop applications using both WinForms and basic console apps. These systems have included complex business tools used to manage all aspects of a business from marketing to sales, server tools used to manage database access and web scraping applications used to archive website data.


I can turn my hand to any technology I am asked to work with. I have worked on systems developed using Java, PHP, C, C++, VB and many other languages. I have also developed UWP apps for Windows Phone 10. Besides developing, I am equally at home liaising with clients at any level they wish.


KPMG Anywhere

Location Tracking App
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A Windows Phone 10 UWP app was required to complement the existing iOS and Android apps for the KPMG Anywhere system.

The app keeps track of a user’s travel and uploads this data into the KPMG Business Traveller tool for use in the user’s tax calculations. The app needed to utilise the GPS functionality of the mobile device to determine the user’s current location, the length of time in that location and the reason for travel. This data needed to be stored locally on the phone for use offline and sent to the KPMG server when the device had access to a mobile or Wi-Fi network. It also had to synchronise with the data already held in KPMG’s Business Traveller system. Users also required the ability to manually insert travel data should they wish to.

The application was designed to deliver all of KPMG’s requirements whilst also taking device limitations into account, such as limited battery life and possible loss of data connection.

My Proteus

Project Management Tools
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My Proteus support all roles involved in projects and programmes, from Project Support Staff to Programme Managers. They designed a series of tools to help these roles keep projects on track and identify any potential issues early in the project life cycle, reducing the risk of project failure.

Their existing system was written in flash and was incredibly outdated compared to today’s current standards. The brief was to design and develop a new and improved version of their existing system, incorporating new features as requested by their existing clients.

One part of this system was a community area where users could chat, share ideas, ask questions, plan events and create groups to limit the discussion to specific topics. This community area would be a major part of the new system and was a new requirement from the original system.

Heavy use of .NET MVC, Ajax and JQuery was used during the community development to provide a slick and intuitive user interface whilst hiding the complexities of such a system from the user.

UL Medicines

Custom Ordering Platform
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UL Medicines required a new system for their clients to order products. The main requirements of the system were to allow users to search for and order products, view stock data and view their current and previous orders.

UL Medicines also wanted to be able to update the front end of the site regularly by themselves. For this reason, we used the Kentico CMS system which allowed the UL Medicines administrator to login and make changes as required.

For security and confidentiality reasons, we weren’t allowed to store any product or customer data on our systems or within the website database. UL Medicines already had a web service that served up all the required data, so all data displayed when logged into the website as a customer is retrieved from this web service.

Bloomsbury & Harry Potter

E-Commerce System
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Having already managed Bloomsbury’s main web site, they decided they wanted a standalone site for one of their most popular series of books, the Harry Potter collection. The main website uses the NOP Commerce engine and it contains all the stock and pricing information. Bloomsbury didn’t want to maintain this data in another system so we created the Harry Potter website in a way where it could request stock and pricing data from the main Bloomsbury site eliminating the need to update stock and price data in multiple places and therefore reducing the possibility of error.

To do this, we created an API in the NOP Commerce platform to serve data as requested by the Harry Potter site. As pages are loaded on the Harry Potter site, the system requests data from the main site ensuring both sites are always in sync.

KPMG Personal Debt

Project Recovery
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This project involved taking over the development of a .NET MVC site that was partially developed by another company. The client and the previous developers had parted company, for unspecified reasons, and the client required someone to step in and complete the system.

Much of the system was complete from a user’s point of view, but none of the contact forms were connected to the CMS system, meaning the website wasn't generating any leads. The CMS was HubSolv and I was tasked with connecting the existing website to the HubSolv API.

This included a fact-finding process to determine exactly what data the client wanted to request from the user, an investigation into using the HubSolv API and the implementation.

The website was an Umbraco site, so there was added difficulty as the system had to be fully CMS manageable.

Risotto with mushrooms

Risotto rice, mushrooms, vegetables, onion, white wine, parmesan
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KPMG Anywhere Middleware

A bridging system between a new mobile app and and existing web service
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We had already developed an app for this client that connected to their existing web service. The brief for this new project was to take the existing app, and with minimal changes, get it to communicate with another of their web services. They had no control over this web service as it was managed by another department in another country.

The two web services had a completely different data structure so we developed a "middleware" system to map the web service data to the mobile app and vice versa.

The client also asked us to extend the "middleware" to add additional customisation to the app. The client is now able to fully manage app initialisation settings such as logos, colours, label text and many other settings on a per company basis.

The "middleware" also contains a full logging system to track user requests and responses for debugging purposes, which has been invaluable during testing stages.


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