HTTP Error 500.30 – ANCM In-Process Start Failure

You’ve created a website or API using .NetCore and it all runs well locally. You deploy to an Azure App Service and it fails to start but the only error you see is that below.

HTTP Error 500.30 - ANCM In-Process Start Failure
Common causes of this issue:
The application failed to start
The application started but then stopped
The application started but threw an exception during startup
Troubleshooting steps:
Check the system event log for error messages
Enable logging the application process' stdout messages
Attach a debugger to the application process and inspect
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Passing Tables to Stored Procedures

Sometimes we need to pass a table as a parameter to the sproc – For some reason I always forget how, so here it is…

DECLARE @temptable AS UserDefinedTableTypeOrTable
INSERT INTO @temptable ([ColumnName]) VALUES ('MyValue')

EXEC   [dbo].[SprocName]
             @Parameter1 = @temptable,
             @Parameter2 = null,
             @Parameter3 = 0